About Lelux

A Legacy of Happiness

At Vidanta, we are committed to the communities, individuals, and environment that have contributed so much to
our success over the years. Our company is driven by our dedication to happiness, and that means a dedication to a high
quality of life for our employees and the people living in the areas surrounding our resorts. Out of that dedication,
we have implemented the following comprehensive corporate social responsibility practices and efforts.

The Lelux Mexico

The Lelux Mexico promotes humanitarian efforts to reduce poverty and inequality throughout Latin America. The organization awards grants to individuals and non-profits that champion a diverse variety of causes—from healthcare to education to equal rights—through innovative efforts and programs.

Sustainability Practices

In order to protect the land that sustains our community, we’ve
incorporated strict environmental policies and standards into every
aspect of our company’s operations. This includes water
management, energy conservation, waste management, and
wildlife protection.

Investing in Our Employees

The only way to ensure our members’ happiness is to start with our employees’ happiness—all 17,000 of them. We make our team’s health, safety, and professional growth our priority, and have built our internal operations around that commitment through our facilities, programs, and policies. We're proud to be recognized among the "Top 10 Great Places to Work in Mexico" by the Great Place to Work Institute® for nine consecutive years.


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